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Rainbow Belts & Cowgirl Boots: A Journey to my Personal Style

There’s that well-known phrase “clothes don’t make a man.” For most of my life, I thought clothing was kind of superficial, but now I see it more as a personal artistic expression. Everywhere I go I see art in regular people’s clothing, and I appreciate being able to see more of the world. These days I figure that, if I am going to wear clothing, I might as well really enjoy what I’m wearing. 

I feel delighted that my clothing is now a creative expression that helps the world see me for who I really am in all my love, creativity, power, and joy. I feel so much more like me. 

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Women: What's Now, What's Next (An Upcoming Podcast)

As women, it seems we often feel like we occupy the space in between: career-wise, identity-wise, body-wise, spirit-wise, relationship-wise, style-wise, and otherwise.

Let's talk (more) about it! Let's investigate this idea of transition, what we notice while we are in it, what we have learned from it, what we think it means for us as individuals, as well as women as a whole in our evolving society, and what we want to change or explore further. 

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Hiris & Co's Mindful Living & Artful Style Blog: An Introduction

Welcome to Hiris & Co's Blog, Mindful Living & Artful Style! Hiris & Co supports individuals and groups in their empowerment, life transitions, creativity, work and well-being. We offer mindful, artful & personal style support for you, as well as courses for integrating mindful and creative thinking into your life and work.

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