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Lisa Rundall, fine art photographer and yoga teacher, is one of the most creative, productive, naturally curious, and enthusiastic people I know. She signed on for The Real Deal Deluxe, and it was so fun and inspiring to work with her. Lisa quickly processes any new information and ideas, and then immediately puts her own spin on things, which I love to witness and observe. She is a true and genuine appreciator of all the beauty and magic this world has to offer. 

Working with Sara was such a joy and support for my confidence in my personal life and career. She has such a lovely presence, and a gentle spirit, I felt very safe having her in my closet and personal space... I wholeheartedly recommend Sara to any woman that feels uninspired by her clothes or is moving into a new part of life and needs some support to feel more confident on her path. -Lisa Rundall 

Kirsten Coe, founder of Lasso Design, is a brilliant and creative architect/designer who captures WILD ideas for your building and renovation projects. A native Coloradan, Kirsten proudly embodies the look and ideals of the West--grit, resilience, and hard work.

It was such fun to work with Kirsten in choosing outfits and settings for her new website photos. To her surprise, all outfit pieces were already in her closet; we just needed to pair them in ways that brought out their brilliance, along with Kirsten's. 

Sara truly has the gift of effortless style, she is thoughtful, sensitive, supportive, and intuitively knows your style better than yourself.  She picked out some items from my closet that I would have never thought to combine, but when I put them on I was grinning ear to ear.  Everything I tried on was so authentically me!   She breathed fresh air into my stale wardrobe without buying a single new item. -Kirsten Coe

Beautiful photography by  Krissy Blackband.

Josie Bouchier, multi-talented acupuncturist, writer and teacher focusing on women's health and fertility, signed up for The Real Deal Deluxe Package to hone in on her style. She wanted her clothes and how she dressed to better reflect her current and authentic self. She wanted the same for her new website photos. When I arrived at Josie's house, she said she felt like she had to buy all new clothes. By the end of our three hours, Josie was thrilled and amazed. Without having to purchase a single item, we created more than a  dozen outfits that spoke directly to her style goals. As you can see, she (and those outfits and photographs) are powerful works of art. 

Working with Sara has been truly transformational. I now feel that the clothes I wear accurately reflect how I feel on the inside, and that affects how I walk in the world, how people perceive me, and how I perceive myself. I feel more powerful, confident, and authentically me. Professionally, I feel more in line with my own personal power and that shines through in every aspect of my business. -Josie Bouchier

Stunning photography by Lisa Rundall.

Working with Sara helped me learn how to enjoy pairing my shoes and my accessories in interesting new combinations. She helped me discover which clothing I feel amazing in and how to combine different items I already have to create outfits that are fun, creative, interesting, stylish and, most importantly, reflective of the many facets of who I am. Through these new combinations, all of a sudden I have 100 new outfits. Really I had all of those clothes all along, I just didn’t know how to combine them in so many different ways. She even taught me how to wear my scarves in new and interesting ways and convinced me to pull back out my beloved cowgirl boots and start wearing them again. Just these two tips have been huge, but they are just the tip of the iceberg!
- Lucy Flood, Writer & Solopreneur

Read Lucy's fun, funny, touching, and relatable blogpost about her personal style journey!

Kaye was looking for a fresh approach to her clothing while traveling. A deep lover of water and the ocean, Kaye lives in Hawaii. She had been visiting friends and family on the mainland for an extended period of time and was feeling disenchanted with her clothes. Kaye is a woman of many talents--a profound massage and craniosacral therapist, as well as a hula dancer, belly dancer, and yogi. However, when it comes to putting together outfits, it takes her, as she says, "at least 20 tries." She has a difficult time remembering what she has and what goes with what. Sound relatable?!

We went through Kaye's suitcase and composed some great outfits. As you can see in the photos, these fresh compositions made her very happy! She said she felt like a new woman. Kaye was so inspired that we went on a short shopping excursion and found beautiful, multi-functional, and multi-seasonal pieces that she'll wear for years. When Kaye returns to Hawaii, she plans on reorganizing her closet and letting go of what she no longer wears.

Kaye was also thankful for her necklace, which I custom-made for her. She hasn't taken it off since, saying it feels healing and empowering to wear.  

After working with Sara, I feel confident and happy in my core. -Kaye

P.S. Kaye's chic heels are from Pavement, a hip and fun boutique in Pittsburgh.

L. wanted to revamp her wardrobe with items that were interesting, multi-functional, and multi-seasonal. She wanted to feel comfortable and confident in her clothes. She also wanted that ease of knowing that her clothes mix-and-match and layer easily with one another.

I turned 40 and really needed a boost of energy for myself and my wardrobe, but couldn't bear the thought of clothes shopping. Sara at Hiris & Co suggested she come along to the store and pick out clothes for me to try on. She shopped for clothes while I looked at shoes. At first, I was very hesitant because I thought she would never find clothes that fit me or looked good on my body type. Well, I was wrong! We went to the dressing room with a cart full of options. She was on-hand to give encouraging and thoughtful feedback, and I left with several new pieces to complement and expand my existing wardrobe. Several pieces of clothing were ones that I would have never chosen if I went shopping alone. She helped to expand my idea of what looks good and it was so much less painful than trying to shop on my own. Armed with clothing that makes me feel comfortable and fabulous, I'm ready for my forties. Bring it on! 

You probably notice L.'s fabulous hair and jewelry. Both are by the multi-talented Jeffrey Smith of Jeffrey Smith Studio. L. did her own beautiful make-up.

Collaborations are fruitful, fun, and creative. Hiris & Co collaborated with Lisa Rundall Photography and Strut Denver to bring you looks and ideas for this wedding season. Lisa took the photographs and Strut supplied the shoes, accessories, and location. Hiris & Co supplied the dresses and styled each look. Read the post I wrote as a guest contributor on Lisa's blog, offering ideas for what to wear to different weddings:  mountain/barn, food truck/picnic,  destination, black tie, and traditional spring/summer. I purposefully chose shoes that are not only cool and chic, but also realistic and comfortable so you can dance the night away! 

An afternoon with beautiful light captured by the talented photographer, Lisa Rundall. Customized floral hair pieces and bouquet designed by Azalea Botanics. Photos are featured in Colorado Couture (May 2016 issue). 

Hiris & Co styled the bride (me). My husband and I chose to get married at the court house, wanting our wedding to be simple and small. I always wanted to get married in blue and wore a knee-length, blue silk dress with a black belt, black buttons, and a collar. This perfect-for-me dress called my name from a clearance rack one day while walking home from work. As a result, this white dress (also a clearance rack gem) never had its day in the sun. If I had had that traditional wedding, I would have wanted to exude an energy that was natural, classic, and modern, which was our goal for these photos. 

Hiris & Co offers styling services for all members of the wedding party, so that all exude the energy they envision on the big day, and feel joyful, comfortable, and confident.

In addition, we support wedding planning. We facilitate Mindful & Artful Planning Sessions so that all involved in the planning begin on a calm, clear, productive, and cohesive note.

For her professional website photos, Josie Bouchier LAc: "...wanted a fresh, inviting, healthy vibe... the pictures turned out perfectly in line with what I envisioned. Years later, the photos are a major part of my branding and online presence, and I still get compliments on them. I attribute their cohesiveness and positive energy to Sara's on-point styling advice."


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Hiris & Co is committed to donating to causes that support women's freedom and empowerment.