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Welcome! Coming to you from the intersections of style, mindfulness, and education, I am Sara Webb Hiris. This is the story of Hiris & Co.

This (part of the) story begins with earning a degree in Human Biology with a focus in holistic health from Stanford University. Through Stanford, I studied in Berlin, an arts mecca, and had the great fortune of interning at Weg der Mitte (The Middle Way).  Weg der Mitte is at the forefront of what it means to live a healthy, integrated, and mindful life. It is also the home of Benefit Yoga® and the European College of Yoga and Therapy. 

After college, I journeyed to Florence, Italy to connect with my roots and focus on drawing and painting. Upon return to my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, the masterful artist, Kathleen Flaherty, took me under her wing as an apprentice. During this time, I also studied Cellular Expansion--a gentle, hands on form of energy healing that resonates at the levels of the mind, body, and spirit. In between, I assisted the artist duo,  Two Girls Working, on their artwork and book, TRAPPINGS. They ask the question, What do you wear that makes you feel powerful? It is a reverberating question--maybe ponder it next time you get dressed!

Working with adults in the realms of holistic health prompted me to reflect on schools and education: How much richer could life be if we all had the opportunity to grow up and learn with mindfulness and self-awareness? I wanted to support schools in becoming holistic, creative, and mindful places to be, for both students and teachers. It has been my experience that creative exploration, holistic health, and learning are very much intertwined. 

These ideas prompted me to earn a Master's with a focus in Arts in Education from Harvard University. While at Harvard, I worked on Artful Thinking at Project Zero, a leading research institute that focuses on creativity, thinking, and learning. Artful Thinking was originally developed as a framework for teachers to use art in their classrooms while also cultivating habits of mind, such as observing, questioning, and taking multiple perspectives--all practices that promote deep learning as well as mindfulness and self-awareness. Artful Thinking's purposes and uses have since widened and evolved. I have been teaching Artful Thinking for over seven years and have integrated AT with mindful thinking and learning for groups, organizations, undergraduates, and graduate students. 

Throughout this story, style and design provided the backdrop for my explorations of art, people, and health. I noticed how dress and surroundings influenced one's sense of self and well-being. These observations and explorations of personal style fused with practices of Mindful and Artful Thinking. Through this fusion, a unique and thoughtful approach to style consulting for individuals organically rose to the surface.  Hiris & Co supports you in finding your true and distinctive look, bringing health, beauty, and balance to the external realms of living, working, creating, and interacting in the world. 

Hiris & Co's work is especially supportive of women going through the many and layered transitions of life. If you feel like you are in the space-in-between career-wise, body-wise, identity-wise, spirit-wise, family-wise, or otherwise, I would love to work with you. Stay tuned for the upcoming podcast (Women: What's Now, What's Next) and blog posts that focus on women and life transitions!

I have also begun a women's entrepreneurial group called The Moon Club (I love the moon and there are so many phases to a woman's life). It's a powerful group of creative and thoughtful women supporting each other on our entrepreneurial journeys. I invite you to begin a support group or club of your own--it is inspiring, motivating, and helpful in figuring out your journey and business. 


The Co in Hiris & Co represents you, the client, the collaborator. We create and evolve together. Co also represents past, current, and future project partners. Co is community--directly or indirectly, all whom I have worked with, read, conversed with, listened to, learned from, and observed have made an imprint on my thinking, approach, and ideas. Thank you, Co!

Co is also my family and, for the fun of puns, Colorado. I live in the beautiful state with my husband, two young sons, and lovable mutt. 

sara@hirisandco.com  +1.617.794.2117

Hiris & Co is committed to donating to causes that support women's freedom and empowerment.