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Mindful. Artful. Personal. 


Feeling confident, happy, and comfortable in your clothes can be life-changing (a term many Hiris & Co clients use!). How you feel in your clothes can impact your sense of self, body language, productivity, outlook, creativity, and interactions, as well as your daily life choices.

Plus, you probably begin your day by getting dressed! Let's create beginnings that are creative, fun, inspiring and motivating. Let's send ripples of positive energy throughout your day and help you feel true and confident when presenting yourself, your work and ideas. Hiris & Co supports you in finding the look that empowers, energizes, and emboldens you in the world. 

Hiris & Co also strongly believes in starting with what you have. Each client I have worked with has been astonished by how many great outfits we create from current clothes. Many feel like they have "100 new outfits without having to buy a single thing!" To me, this is a metaphor for many aspects of life and connects to the yoga teaching: The effort is not to create something new but to become aware of something that is already there.

That said, there is a balance to everything! Sometimes you really do need (or want) additions to your wardrobe. Through comprehensive and personalized style guides and Pinterest boards, I find exactly what you are wishing for and respect your budget and priorities while doing so. 

Give the Gift of Empowerment & Style! Personalized Gift Certificates Available.

Note: Style is Personal. Contact me to determine a personalized approach for you!


*This is the only offering available to first-time clients. It is an extremely thoughtful, thorough, holistic and sustainable package that allows me to truly get to know you, your life, your closet and your goals (style and otherwise!). Once you have experienced The Real Deal, you will have a whole new relationship to your clothes and daily routine. Plus, I'll be able to effectively and efficiently support you as your life and style evolve. 

The Real Deal (offered in-person and via Skype):

  • Learns about you, your roles and identities, your work, any life transitions you are going through, and your style goals in a genuine and holistic way. We do this by asking you to complete a thoughtful series of reflective questions and exercises before we meet, and then continue the discussion in-person.
  • Begins your session with a short and focused meditation, setting a personalized intention or goal for our work together.
  • Thoroughly examines your closet alongside you—composing outfits and accessories for different occasions, deciding what to keep and what to pass on, and providing ideas and tips for closet organization. Hiris & Co believes in using what you already have in new ways (and most of us have more than we think!). Consultations are 3 hours. Believe me, the time flies! 
  • Includes a comprehensive personalized style guide:
    • a summary of our work together, including your intention, along with any insights and highlights. You'll forever have a reference of what we created, realized, and discussed!
    • a detailed list of pairings and outfits using your current clothes and accessories so you won't forget what we paired with what (pictures included for in-person clients).
    • thorough, personalized, and specific links, looks, stores, and websites.
    • tips for taking care of your clothes so they last as long as possible.
    • practices for creating and maintaining an inspiring, organized, and uncluttered closet.
    • mindful and artful practices for beginning your day, getting dressed, going shopping, and continually growing, changing, and creating through life!
    • practices and support so that you feel confident building upon the work we started. 
  • Includes a personalized and private Pinterest board with clothes, shoes and accessories chosen just for you (in stock and in your size!), keeping your style goals and budget in mind. 
  • Includes a small personalized gift created or found just for you and infused with your intentions and goals for the work. 
  • Includes a one hour follow-up session via Skype or in person to address any updates, changes, questions, etc. 
  • And...includes one month free Stexting ($75 value)! (Scroll down to learn about Stexting!)

SPECIAL EVENTS & PHOTOS (offered in person and via Skype):

  • Styling for professional and personal photos, as well as special events (weddings, parties, professional events, and more). You'll be able to fully enjoy your event, knowing you look the way you envisioned. And you'll get the full potential out of your photo sessions. 
    $75/hour or $210 for 3 hours
    *Only available to clients who have experienced The Real Deal (see above offering).

Á LA CARTE (offered in person and via Skype):

  • Interested in parts of the above offerings, additional hours to packages, or just a few hours of personal style or closet support?
    $75/hour or $210 for 3 hours
    *Only available to clients who have experienced The Real Deal (see above offering).

STEXTING (AKA Style Texting) a fun term invented by Hiris & Co

  • Do you wish you had a trusted, objective someone you could text (or email) pictures of clothes/accessories/shoes for quick and honest feedback when shopping or getting dressed? Hiris & Co is that someone. Stexting is available on a monthly retainer basis.
    • $75/month
    • $125/2 months
    • $150/3 months
      *Only available to clients who have experienced The Real Deal (see above offering).


  • Give the gift of empowerment and style to someone special.  


  • Offerings may be adjusted to serve partners, families and groups. 
  • Style is personal. Sometimes we want change, but when we have someone looking through our clothes or suggesting what to wear, it can feel invasive or trigger feelings of discomfort and vulnerability. Hiris & Co respects these feelings, and we are honored to go on this journey with you. We set the intention for us to be open-minded, honest, courageous, and flexible collaborators...and for us to laugh, play, and have fun!

  • Hiris & Co is committed to donating to causes that support women's freedom and empowerment. 

  • Photography by Lisa Rundall Photography, Krissy Blackband & Sara Webb Hiris.

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Hiris & Co is committed to donating to causes that support women's freedom and empowerment.